HCS Series Hydraulic Cylinder Cone Crusher

HCS Series Hydraulic Cylinder Cone Crusher is a new and efficient crusher researched and designed autonomously on the base of our twenty years' experience in the crushing industry engaged in design, production, sales and service, combine with the development of modern industrial technology, and draw advanced crusher technology from the United States, Germany and other countries. HCS series hydraulic cylinder cone crusher collect mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology as one set, and represents the world's most advanced crushing technology. It has a number of unmatched advantages compared to traditional crushers, high crushing efficiency, low production costs and easy to maintain and adjust, broken products with excellent grain type, and can be widely used in the medium crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing operations.
HCS series hydraulic cylinder cone crusher can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ores, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries, suitable for the crushing various minerals and rocks whose Platt’s hardness are less than 16, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone , quartzite, sandstone, pebbles, etc.
HCS Series Hydraulic Cylinder Cone Crusher
1. Large capacity and high efficiency;
2. Good grain-type products;
3. Easy and accurate to control and adjust;
4. Stable operation and easy maintenance:
a. HCS series Hydraulic Cylinder Cone Crusher, adopting the structure of combining spindles floating and hydraulic lifting control system together, and taking discharge port adjustment and overload protect functions as one set, to ensure performance while simplifying the structure of the crusher. Compared to other types of cone crusher, it do not have to add complicated discharge opening adjusting device and overload protect system, so that its structure more simple, and more reliable;
b. Using positive pressure dustproof system to prevent dust from polluting oil, damaging bearings, to extend the life time of oil and equipment;
c. The hydraulic systems is designed by high pressure approach to meet the needs of ordinary pressure, the equipment has higher margin pressure during normal operation, improving the reliability of the hydraulic system;
d. The transmission system is using spiral bevel gear, which is reliable, stable, low noise, and long life.
e. All maintenances are operating from the upper part, facilitate to inspect and maintain;
f. Flexible to replace eccentric and adjust the eccentric distance, to meet different requirements of crushing;
g. Each type of cavity has a different size, which is easy to replace and suitable to different requirements for nesting;
h. Simple operation, to minimize the complexity of the work, and can control in long-distance.
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